Howard & Angelique Sunrise Proposal | North Beach Plantation

I love surprises and being apart of them is even better. 🙂 Howard contacted about wanting to pull off a sunrise surprise proposal (try saying that 5 times fast) :} They were staying at North Beach Plantation for the week and the beach is a special place for both of them. So the plan was, Angelique thought they won a sunrise portrait session through the hotel. I had already been down to the ocean and drew out “Angelique, Will you marry Me?” in the sand. The rest was up to Howard. Well, of course she was very surprised and said “Yes!!!!”


So how did yall meet?

Howard and Angelique met on The first line in his profile was “must love tall kids”. Having two kids myself, a daughter at 6’1” and a son at 6’4 “ tall kids is all Angie knew so that immediately drew her into Howard. is a cliché for most but our love story was meant to be. Both injured and hurt by our 20 plus year marriages ending we both did not believe that we would find each other. Our story began after Howard sent Angelique an email. Discouraged and having just moved to the Raleigh area after a the divorce to be around her family while her kids had left to attend college. Howard was funny, captivating and attentive. Skeptical about the site Angie messaged Howard and said after a week or so that she was taking herself off the site. After several weeks of talking on text and spending time with family at the beach and with family Howard and Angie decided to meet and he took her to the Angus Barn. Not being a native of Raleigh I asked my realtor at the time why this “man was taking me to a barn for our first date. MY realtor assured me this “barn” was a Raleigh landmark and a place that was high quality.

Before we met at Angus Barn Howard had asked me how I knew I would “like him” before we actually met in person because we had never talked over the phone and he may have a voice like “Mike Tyson”. That immediately made me laugh which was something I had always wanted in a man that I knew was the “one for me”. You ask me that moment I knew he was the “right one” was our first beach outing where a stranger took our picture on the beach when he grabbed my face and kissed me. This stranger said that she took the picture because Howard was just so tender and it was such a wonderful moment to capture and wanted to send give us this picture so it was sent over text. Soon after that he left for a business trip to China and never missing any man that has ever been in Angie’s life, she missed every part of being with Howard, talking with him and hearing his voice. That was the moment Angie knew she  loved Howard and would for the rest of my life because he was the only one she could not live without if only for a few days for a business trip. It took Howard almost 4 year to propose but his proposal in Angie’s eyes was the perfect caption for our almost 4 year love story !

Howard& Angelique-2Howard& Angelique-16Howard& Angelique-17Howard& Angelique-22Howard& Angelique-26Howard& Angelique-27Howard& Angelique-30Howard& Angelique-32Howard& Angelique-34Howard& Angelique-38Howard& Angelique-40Howard& Angelique-50Howard& Angelique-51Howard& Angelique-54Howard& Angelique-62Howard& Angelique-67Howard& Angelique-69Howard& Angelique-72Howard& Angelique-82Howard& Angelique-88Howard& Angelique-90Howard& Angelique-102

Emily + Steve |Downtown Conway, SC Engagement Session

I knew as soon as I met Steve & Emily at a local coffee shop that I wanted to capture their  wedding. Small and intimate ceremonies with just the closest friends and family are my favorite because at the end of the day I feel like I’ve become one of the gang.

They both said they love the Downtown Conway area, and I mean what’s not to love. There is something very special about this little neck of the woods. The riverwalk is one of my most favorite places to be in the world. The downtown area has a southern charm that just can’t be found anywhere else. I know I live here so I am bias, but its why I live here.

Steve has twin boys, so we turned this into a family affair. Caleb & Cody are the sweetest and I can’t wait to challenge them to a hot cocoa drinking contest on the wedding. I think I can take them. LOL  As we strolled through Conway talking about the wedding and finding amazing light, this little family became some of my favorite people. Now I am even more excited about the wedding. Harrison Family -20Harrison Family -31Harrison Family -34Harrison Family -36Harrison Family -41Harrison Family -43Harrison Family -45Harrison Family -52Harrison Family -58Harrison Family -83Harrison Family -84Harrison Family -86Harrison Family -98Harrison Family -107Harrison Family -110Harrison Family -113Harrison Family -121Harrison Family -131Harrison Family -132Harrison Family -140Harrison Family -144Harrison Family -149Harrison Family -150Harrison Family -156

Jake + Carl (Surprise Proposal!!!!!!)

“If a thing loves, it is infinite.”
William Blake
Usually when I meet a client, they are already engaged. I love to hear about the story of them and how the question was POPPED! But I am never there for it. Until now!
Jake contacted me and, boy was he a nervous wreck about what and how to do it. It just had to be perfect but unexpected.  I couldn’t contain my excitement and how much I wanted to help him pull this off.  They were in town on vacation with Jake’s family so we came up with the plan. He told Carl that they were doing family pictures on the beach. Sneaky Sneaky!!!!
I pulled together a romantic picnic complete with candles, strawberries and music playing. I was so nervous I was shaking lighting candles. Jake supplied the champagne and Tiffany & Co flutes. Did I mention the ring was also from Tiffany & Co??? Like in that perfect Tiffany blue box… So all we had to do was put this plan into motion.
They walked into the park and the rest was MAGIC!!  Of course Carl said YES!!!!!   Jake’s family came out of hiding to hug and congratulate the newly engaged couple.
They hung out while we got some engagement pictures. I am so honored and over the moon happy for this couple.


Mallory + Chris {engagement}

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”

The Notebook 

These two are just fun to be around. Chris is a non stop goof with no “off” switch and Mallory loves to laugh. I guess that’s what make them so good together. We just walked around the property and got all these giggles and cute kisses. Not going to lie, he did pinch her but a couple times, but can’t show y’all those. LOL I am so happy for this couple and can’t wait fr their November wedding in TN.

M+C Able-11M+C Able-12M+C Able-17M+C Able-22M+C Able-26M+C Able-32M+C Able-37M+C Able-46M+C Able-51M+C Able-53M+C Able-59M+C Able-62M+C Able-68M+C Able-72M+C Able-74M+C Able-75M+C Able-88M+C Able-89M+C Able-91M+C Able-92M+C Able-96

Jonathan + Michelle {e-session}

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”
Pablo Neruda, 100 Love SonnetsJohnathonandMichelle-4 JohnathonandMichelle-9 JohnathonandMichelle-12 JohnathonandMichelle-14 JohnathonandMichelle-29 JohnathonandMichelle-33 JohnathonandMichelle-34 JohnathonandMichelle-38 JohnathonandMichelle-41 JohnathonandMichelle-49 JohnathonandMichelle-54 JohnathonandMichelle-55 JohnathonandMichelle-62 JohnathonandMichelle-65 JohnathonandMichelle-68

Cass + Davis

You only have to be around this couple from a short time to see why they couldn’t wait another minute to get married. Davis is a videographer and Cass is a super talented hairdresser and second shooter for her sweetie. They secretly eloped the weekend before this session, and I cant be happier that they asked me to be part of this.

When love is not madness, it is not love.
Pedro Calderon de la Barca



































Greg + Sheryl {engagement}

Its only 32 days until this couple gets married and I am over the moon happy for them. Greg and Sheryl are such a laid back couple, that when it rained all day of their session we shot anyway. I think they were super happy to be snuggled under that umbrella. He is from this area so shooting in downtown Conway was a special idea, and the ideal backdrop for their engagement pictures.

“You find strength in knowing you have a true friend and possibly a soul mate who will remain loyal to the end. Life seems completely different, exciting and worthwhile. Your only hope and security is in knowing that they are a part of your life.”
― Bob Marley

Greg & Sheryl -1

Greg & Sheryl -2

Greg & Sheryl -10

Greg & Sheryl -15

Greg & Sheryl -20

Greg & Sheryl -25

Greg & Sheryl -26

Greg & Sheryl -32

Greg & Sheryl -34

Greg & Sheryl -39

Greg & Sheryl -29

Greg & Sheryl -40

Greg & Sheryl -53

Greg & Sheryl -47

Greg & Sheryl -52

Greg & Sheryl -54

Greg & Sheryl -56