Kelly + Jeff Cooper House Wedding

It is an extra dividend when you like the girl you’ve fallen in love with. -Clark Gable

Sometimes when I meet a couple you can tell that they are still figuring each other out and still feel new to this love. From  the moment I met Kelly and Jeff it felt like they had been together for a lifetime. Like two puzzle pieces that show you the full picture.  The way that Jeff looks at Kelly is the face you make when you remember a warm summers day from your childhood. Pure happiness!!! Kelly could’t get down the isle fast enough to become Jeff’s wife. As soon as she came around the corner and saw him, it was like you plugged in a Christmas tree.

They said their vows as the sun was setting at  The Cooper House on a hot summers night in September in front of Family and close friends. Really you could’t get a better happily ever after.


Kristin | Beach Maternity

Loving a baby is a circular business, a kind of feedback loop. The more you give the more you get and the more you get the more you feel like giving. –Penelope Leach

They say that the third time is the charm…. I just have to believe that is true. I mean just look at how beautiful this little family of four already is. So adding another just makes sense. 🙂

I met Kristin and her family in law last year when we did family pictures. They were so much fun and all smiles. Her son has the biggest and bluest eyes. I just love when I keep seeing the same families year after year. Seeing how big the kiddos are getting or in this case that we are adding. ❤


Kristen Maternity -9Kristen Maternity -13Kristen Maternity -17Kristen Maternity -23Kristen Maternity -24Kristen Maternity -27Kristen Maternity -29Kristen Maternity -36Kristen Maternity -40Kristen Maternity -48Kristen Maternity -49Kristen Maternity -59Kristen Maternity -63Kristen Maternity -80Kristen Maternity -87Kristen Maternity -90Kristen Maternity -96Kristen Maternity -106Kristen Maternity -114Kristen Maternity -120

Brett & Nicki | Beach Wedding

“Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.”
— Lao Tzu

Sometimes a wedding takes years, or months to plan, but Nicki pulled this off in two weeks!! It takes me longer than that to clean out my car. :/

She was driven by the fact that her mother in law is in failing health and she just had to be here to witness her son marry the love of his life. So she found a dress, flowers, a friend that would set everything up the day of, and Me! That’s crazy, but love makes us do crazy things.

The big day also fell on Brett’s 50th birthday! I mean you can’t forget your anniversary if it’s your birthday. Right?

Here’s to the newly married couple and a lifetime of happy. Brent & Nicki-4Brent & Nicki-5Brent & Nicki-7Brent & Nicki-9Brent & Nicki-14Brent & Nicki-20Brent & Nicki-26Brent & Nicki-29Brent & Nicki-31Brent & Nicki-44Brent & Nicki-48Brent & Nicki-56Brent & Nicki-62Brent & Nicki-63Brent & Nicki-70Brent & Nicki-72Brent & Nicki-80Brent & Nicki-96Brent & Nicki-100Brent & Nicki-108Brent & Nicki-125Brent & Nicki-131Brent & Nicki-134Brent & Nicki-144Brent & Nicki-152Brent & Nicki-171Brent & Nicki-258Brent & Nicki-261Brent & Nicki-266Brent & Nicki-270Brent & Nicki-272Brent & Nicki-276Brent & Nicki-277Brent & Nicki-285Brent & Nicki-286

Howard & Angelique Sunrise Proposal | North Beach Plantation

I love surprises and being apart of them is even better. 🙂 Howard contacted about wanting to pull off a sunrise surprise proposal (try saying that 5 times fast) :} They were staying at North Beach Plantation for the week and the beach is a special place for both of them. So the plan was, Angelique thought they won a sunrise portrait session through the hotel. I had already been down to the ocean and drew out “Angelique, Will you marry Me?” in the sand. The rest was up to Howard. Well, of course she was very surprised and said “Yes!!!!”


So how did yall meet?

Howard and Angelique met on The first line in his profile was “must love tall kids”. Having two kids myself, a daughter at 6’1” and a son at 6’4 “ tall kids is all Angie knew so that immediately drew her into Howard. is a cliché for most but our love story was meant to be. Both injured and hurt by our 20 plus year marriages ending we both did not believe that we would find each other. Our story began after Howard sent Angelique an email. Discouraged and having just moved to the Raleigh area after a the divorce to be around her family while her kids had left to attend college. Howard was funny, captivating and attentive. Skeptical about the site Angie messaged Howard and said after a week or so that she was taking herself off the site. After several weeks of talking on text and spending time with family at the beach and with family Howard and Angie decided to meet and he took her to the Angus Barn. Not being a native of Raleigh I asked my realtor at the time why this “man was taking me to a barn for our first date. MY realtor assured me this “barn” was a Raleigh landmark and a place that was high quality.

Before we met at Angus Barn Howard had asked me how I knew I would “like him” before we actually met in person because we had never talked over the phone and he may have a voice like “Mike Tyson”. That immediately made me laugh which was something I had always wanted in a man that I knew was the “one for me”. You ask me that moment I knew he was the “right one” was our first beach outing where a stranger took our picture on the beach when he grabbed my face and kissed me. This stranger said that she took the picture because Howard was just so tender and it was such a wonderful moment to capture and wanted to send give us this picture so it was sent over text. Soon after that he left for a business trip to China and never missing any man that has ever been in Angie’s life, she missed every part of being with Howard, talking with him and hearing his voice. That was the moment Angie knew she  loved Howard and would for the rest of my life because he was the only one she could not live without if only for a few days for a business trip. It took Howard almost 4 year to propose but his proposal in Angie’s eyes was the perfect caption for our almost 4 year love story !

Howard& Angelique-2Howard& Angelique-16Howard& Angelique-17Howard& Angelique-22Howard& Angelique-26Howard& Angelique-27Howard& Angelique-30Howard& Angelique-32Howard& Angelique-34Howard& Angelique-38Howard& Angelique-40Howard& Angelique-50Howard& Angelique-51Howard& Angelique-54Howard& Angelique-62Howard& Angelique-67Howard& Angelique-69Howard& Angelique-72Howard& Angelique-82Howard& Angelique-88Howard& Angelique-90Howard& Angelique-102

Emily + Steve |Downtown Conway, SC Engagement Session

I knew as soon as I met Steve & Emily at a local coffee shop that I wanted to capture their  wedding. Small and intimate ceremonies with just the closest friends and family are my favorite because at the end of the day I feel like I’ve become one of the gang.

They both said they love the Downtown Conway area, and I mean what’s not to love. There is something very special about this little neck of the woods. The riverwalk is one of my most favorite places to be in the world. The downtown area has a southern charm that just can’t be found anywhere else. I know I live here so I am bias, but its why I live here.

Steve has twin boys, so we turned this into a family affair. Caleb & Cody are the sweetest and I can’t wait to challenge them to a hot cocoa drinking contest on the wedding. I think I can take them. LOL  As we strolled through Conway talking about the wedding and finding amazing light, this little family became some of my favorite people. Now I am even more excited about the wedding. Harrison Family -20Harrison Family -31Harrison Family -34Harrison Family -36Harrison Family -41Harrison Family -43Harrison Family -45Harrison Family -52Harrison Family -58Harrison Family -83Harrison Family -84Harrison Family -86Harrison Family -98Harrison Family -107Harrison Family -110Harrison Family -113Harrison Family -121Harrison Family -131Harrison Family -132Harrison Family -140Harrison Family -144Harrison Family -149Harrison Family -150Harrison Family -156

Chris & Mallory’s Tennessee Mountain Wedding

True, we love life, not because we are used to living, but because we are used to loving. There is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness. Petrarch

When I met Mallory about three years ago, she had never been to the ocean. That just blew my mind. Since we were literally a block away from it. We had to right this wrong. Just the sand on her feet made her so happy. Splashing water at the shoreline, she lit up like a kid at Christmas. Looking back at that night, I know why Chris married her. She makes you want to be happy when she’s around. Chris has the best sense of humor, that combo is a recipe for a long and happy life.

Tennessee was the halfway point for family and friends. The mountains are always a perfect backdrop for a wedding. The weekend was and cabin was full of family and best friends. (the way all weddings should be) Bonfire and a stunning sunset is also a perfect way to start your life together too.

Eat. Drink. And be Married ❤


Green Family Beach Session

That’s what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you’re not so lovable.   Deb Caletti

This family was a blast to work with. They kept me laughing the whole session, and it’s usually my job to draw out all the giggles. So thank you Green family for making my job easier and way more fun. 🙂

Green Family 2017-3Green Family 2017-16Green Family 2017-24Green Family 2017-27Green Family 2017-30Green Family 2017-35Green Family 2017-39Green Family 2017-46Green Family 2017-48Green Family 2017-54Green Family 2017-59Green Family 2017-65Green Family 2017-72Green Family 2017-79Green Family 2017-85Green Family 2017-89Green Family 2017-97Green Family 2017-102Green Family 2017-106Green Family 2017-107

Its a GIRL

Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of. – Bethany Hamilton

Miss Braelyn came into the world on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 at 8:54pm. She weighed in at 7lbs and 2oz and was 19 inches long. I had the honor of being on the delivery room when she made her debut. This little girl is every hope and wish that her parents have been praying for.JennHospital -2JennHospital -3JennHospital -19JennHospital -21JennHospital -27JennHospital -29JennHospital -30JennHospital -36JennHospital -56JennHospital -59JennHospital -78JennHospital -95JennHospital -117JennHospital -119JennHospital -130JennHospital -140JennHospital -145JennHospital -184JennHospital -209JennHospital -221JennHospital -228JennHospital -234JennHospital -240JennHospital -249JennHospital -250

Surprise Proposal at 21st and Main

“I ask you to pass through life at my side—to be my second self, and best earthly companion.”
Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Being asked to be part of a marriage proposal has got to be one the the coolest things about my job. I mean you’re about to capture one of the biggest milestones in a persons life. Oh and they don’t have a clue that it’s coming.

When Sorin decided to ask his beautiful girlfriend to be his wife, he went all out to make it amazing. She thought they were there for her birthday dinner. Casey at  21st and Main made sure every detail was perfect, and it was. The courtyard right at sunset, the romantic table setting, violinist playing softly just for them. MAGIC!!!! Casey told the couple that I was getting pictures for the website and pay no mind if I was around with my camera. RSG Event Design was there to make sure that the YES moment went off with a BANG!!! Literally. At the moment she said yes, a flower canon ( yes canon!!) showered the couple with rose petals. It doesn’t get any sweeter than this.

21st Main Proposal -1521st Main Proposal -121st Main Proposal -321st Main Proposal -1121st Main Proposal -1721st Main Proposal -2321st Main Proposal -2821st Main Proposal -3721st Main Proposal -1921st Main Proposal -5221st Main Proposal -5921st Main Proposal -6221st Main Proposal -6521st Main Proposal -6821st Main Proposal -7221st Main Proposal -7921st Main Proposal -8221st Main Proposal -9121st Main Proposal -8821st Main Proposal -10421st Main Proposal -10521st Main Proposal -10821st Main Proposal -112canon

Jennifer’s Maternity Session

A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men.     

Martin Farquhar Tupper

“I want soda and everything cherry flavored.” That’s what Jen said when I asked her what she has been craving. “I don’t even drink soda. She gets that from her dad.” She laughed. Poking Jimmy.

Isn’t crazy that shes not even here yet and she’s already running the show??

But that’s the way it goes. Miss Braelyn will make her debut soon and everyone is so excited to meet her. Jenn Maternity -1Jenn Maternity -7Jenn Maternity -12Jenn Maternity -24Jenn Maternity -36Jenn Maternity -47Jenn Maternity -49Jenn Maternity -61Jenn Maternity -66Jenn Maternity -71Jenn Maternity -72Jenn Maternity -79Jenn Maternity -90Jenn Milk