Brett & Nicki | Beach Wedding

“Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.”
— Lao Tzu

Sometimes a wedding takes years, or months to plan, but Nicki pulled this off in two weeks!! It takes me longer than that to clean out my car. :/

She was driven by the fact that her mother in law is in failing health and she just had to be here to witness her son marry the love of his life. So she found a dress, flowers, a friend that would set everything up the day of, and Me! That’s crazy, but love makes us do crazy things.

The big day also fell on Brett’s 50th birthday! I mean you can’t forget your anniversary if it’s your birthday. Right?

Here’s to the newly married couple and a lifetime of happy. Brent & Nicki-4Brent & Nicki-5Brent & Nicki-7Brent & Nicki-9Brent & Nicki-14Brent & Nicki-20Brent & Nicki-26Brent & Nicki-29Brent & Nicki-31Brent & Nicki-44Brent & Nicki-48Brent & Nicki-56Brent & Nicki-62Brent & Nicki-63Brent & Nicki-70Brent & Nicki-72Brent & Nicki-80Brent & Nicki-96Brent & Nicki-100Brent & Nicki-108Brent & Nicki-125Brent & Nicki-131Brent & Nicki-134Brent & Nicki-144Brent & Nicki-152Brent & Nicki-171Brent & Nicki-258Brent & Nicki-261Brent & Nicki-266Brent & Nicki-270Brent & Nicki-272Brent & Nicki-276Brent & Nicki-277Brent & Nicki-285Brent & Nicki-286

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