Olivia’s Baptism (St John’s Greek Orthodox Church and Pine Lakes)

“Precious one, so small,
So sweet, dancing in on angel feet.
Straight from heaven’s brightest star
What a miracle you are!”
– Author Unknown

Such a awesome day.  Olivia’s family traveled from as far as Poland to be apart of her baptism. The day started at the stunning St Johns Greek Orthodox Church. It is just inspiring with all vibrant colors. The details and the beautiful significance that is behind it all was beautiful. The room soon filled with family and the busy chatter of coming together. Everyone was so kind and happily explaining to me (non Greek) the baptism and the importance of it to the families. Her God parents are just over the moon with Oliva and their spiritual responsibility to her.

Olivia never made a peep all day. She just cooed and smiled at everyone fawning over her. And fawn over her they did. But how could you not, with those CHEEKS and big sweet eyes. The few pictures I got of her and her grandmother are some of my favorites that I have ever taken. (tears every time) The reception was held at Pine Lakes, and everything was perfect. The details, the food, the COOKIES!!! Then the dancing started and was still going when I left. olivia-baptism-1olivia-baptism-2olivia-baptism-4olivia-baptism-5olivia-baptism-9olivia-baptism-14olivia-baptism-17olivia-baptism-7olivia-baptism-26olivia-baptism-30olivia-baptism-42olivia-baptism-50olivia-baptism-55olivia-baptism-57olivia-baptism-66olivia-baptism-69olivia-baptism-80olivia-baptism-88olivia-baptism-93olivia-baptism-107olivia-baptism-110olivia-baptism-114olivia-baptism-118olivia-baptism-132olivia-baptism-144olivia-baptism-153olivia-baptism-165olivia-baptism-166olivia-baptism-168olivia-baptism-171olivia-baptism-173olivia-baptism-175olivia-baptism-176olivia-baptism-177olivia-baptism-179olivia-baptism-183olivia-baptism-185olivia-baptism-188olivia-baptism-190olivia-baptism-193olivia-baptism-197olivia-baptism-198olivia-baptism-200olivia-baptism-202olivia-baptism-215olivia-baptism-229olivia-baptism-231olivia-baptism-256olivia-baptism-257olivia-baptism-258olivia-baptism-261olivia-baptism-299olivia-baptism-322olivia-baptism-302olivia-baptism-330olivia-baptism-315


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