Bobbei’s Maternity Session at Home

When you become a mother, you stop being the picture and start being the frame.

Most maternity sessions are at a beach or garden of some kind. But let face it, when you get far enough along, you don’t want to be outside dealing with the elements. You want to Nest and just enjoy the days until the new little one arrives. You want hang out in the nursery imagining how it’ll be once they are born, or in Bobbei’s case spend some last one on one time with your first born. Well, you know that’s just what we did. 🙂 I am head over heels with Ben. He’s going to be the best big brother to Katie. bobbei-maternity-2bobbei-maternity-3bobbei-maternity-4bobbei-maternity-9bobbei-maternity-10bobbei-maternity-18bobbei-maternity-25bobbei-maternity-28bobbei-maternity-30bobbei-maternity-39bobbei-maternity-41bobbei-maternity-46bobbei-maternity-47bobbei-maternity-48bobbei-maternity-53bobbei-maternity-55bobbei-maternity-61bobbei-maternity-64bobbei-maternity-68bobbei-maternity-71bobbei-maternity-73bobbei-maternity-76bobbei-maternity-80bobbei-maternity-92bobbei-maternity-96bobbei-maternity-102bobbei-maternity-108bobbei-maternity-118

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