Chadd Family Beach Vacation

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” » Desmond Tutu

This family was a great change for me. Normally I get there and everyone is wearing white or blue something. These guys wanted just to wear their 2016 NBA Champion shirts. I love it!!!! We had some fun and made great memories. 🙂

Chadd Family 2016-5Chadd Family 2016-10Chadd Family 2016-11Chadd Family 2016-14Chadd Family 2016-18Chadd Family 2016-22Chadd Family 2016-24Chadd Family 2016-26Chadd Family 2016-28Chadd Family 2016-30Chadd Family 2016-33Chadd Family 2016-35Chadd Family 2016-44Chadd Family 2016-47Chadd Family 2016-50Chadd Family 2016-53Chadd Family 2016-60Chadd Family 2016-61Chadd Family 2016-62Chadd Family 2016-68Chadd Family 2016-75

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