Jake + Carl (Surprise Proposal!!!!!!)

“If a thing loves, it is infinite.”
William Blake
Usually when I meet a client, they are already engaged. I love to hear about the story of them and how the question was POPPED! But I am never there for it. Until now!
Jake contacted me and, boy was he a nervous wreck about what and how to do it. It just had to be perfect but unexpected.  I couldn’t contain my excitement and how much I wanted to help him pull this off.  They were in town on vacation with Jake’s family so we came up with the plan. He told Carl that they were doing family pictures on the beach. Sneaky Sneaky!!!!
I pulled together a romantic picnic complete with candles, strawberries and music playing. I was so nervous I was shaking lighting candles. Jake supplied the champagne and Tiffany & Co flutes. Did I mention the ring was also from Tiffany & Co??? Like in that perfect Tiffany blue box… So all we had to do was put this plan into motion.
They walked into the park and the rest was MAGIC!!  Of course Carl said YES!!!!!   Jake’s family came out of hiding to hug and congratulate the newly engaged couple.
They hung out while we got some engagement pictures. I am so honored and over the moon happy for this couple.


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