Chickens and Coffee

This is how I start my day, everyday. I love watching the chickens hunt for green bits and crawly things. They are named after Motley Crew . I mean they look like a 80’s hair band. Tommy Lee is my Bantam Roo and the love of my life.:) The ducks think they are chickens that swim. LOL   The dogs chase chase sticks and each other till they fall over panting. The horses just want to know what you have for them. Slim (brown one) will literally push the fence down for clover… Its how I stay sane and reminds me how lucky I am. Critters-1Critters-2Critters-3Critters-4Critters-5Critters-6Critters-7Critters-8Critters-9Critters-10Critters-11Critters-12Critters-13Critters-14Critters-15Critters-16Critters-17Critters-18Critters-19Critters-20Critters-21Critters-22

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