Lois + Joseph

A photographer friend referred this wedding to me because he was already booked. I owe him a muffin basket for this one. After doing this for years, weddings tend
to lose the magic of the day. I get so wrapped up in my job part that the emotions of the day don’t get to me anymore.
This one got me right in the feels, and I fell right in love with couple. Lois and Joseph were married for 30+ years but for their own reasons divorced. After 5
years of living apart, this couple found their way back to each other. They and
their two adult children traveled to Myrtle Beach from where they live in WV for a beach wedding. We talked on the phone so much before the big day that Lois and I are old friends now. The day of the wedding, the weather wasn’t playing nice and a thick fog ruined her plans of an outdoor ceremony.
Now, a normal bride would have a panic attack, but Lois is a cool customer. “We
will get married right here in the room, it doesn’t matter if the sun won’t come
out.” That’s what we did. She in blue gown (love) and he in dress attire. Its
sounds simple, but love is just that, SIMPLE. They spoke from the heart. He
promised love and respect. She vowed a life of happiness. I cried big fat tears
listening this genuine proclamation and seeing how they looked at each other.
The sun even came out for pictures.  Its doesn’t get better than that.

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