Jonathan + Michelle {wedding}

This wedding was a highlight of mine this year. Jonathan, I have known since high school. He is the most laid back and genuine person I have known. I was thrilled when I saw he was engaged and over the moon when they contacted me to document their day.

Michelle and I talked wedding plans over coffee and he sat there happily listening to her dreams for the day. She brings out the best in him in every way. Michelle has a quiet peace about her that draws you in and a laugh that is contagious.

We spent the days before to anti-rain dances. They worked!!!! The sun was out and warm for the big day. Sunnyside Plantation is perfect for that southern feel and the perfect backdrop for “I do” I spent the day listening to friends and family tell stories. The guys were hilarious and kept us on out toes all day.

They laughed and danced. They kissed and laughed. We watched and laughed. I think you are getting the picture. Jonathan and Michelle are the luckiest in love. Painter2015-1Painter2015-2Painter2015-8Painter2015-14Painter2015-27Painter2015-34Painter2015-53Painter2015-55Painter2015-57Painter2015-67Painter2015-70Painter2015-82Painter2015-86Painter2015-92Painter2015-105Painter2015-118Painter2015-125Painter2015-127Painter2015-130Painter2015-155Painter2015-172Painter2015-182Painter2015-183Painter2015-198Painter2015-203Painter2015-220Painter2015-231Painter2015-249Painter2015-251Painter2015-256Painter2015-261Painter2015-267Painter2015-274Painter2015-277Painter2015-279Painter2015-287Painter2015-298Painter2015-314Painter2015-325Painter2015-326Painter2015-327Painter2015-335Painter2015-337Painter2015-347Painter2015-355Painter2015-362Painter2015-371Painter2015-383Painter2015-387Painter2015-398Painter2015-403Painter2015-452Painter2015-496Painter2015-498

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