Larry & Donna {Frakes Wedding}

“Happiness is knowing that somewhere there is someone who only cares for you, someone who will pick you up when you fall, someone who only knows you, who will hold you when you cry and embrace you when you smile; happiness is when you know that person is just for YOU.”

Larry and Donna are so sweet together. She laughs at his jokes and he adores her to no end. We should all be so lucky to find that in another person. I wish you both all the happiness in the world. ❤

Frakes Wedding-6

Frakes Wedding-9

Frakes Wedding-16

Frakes Wedding-17

Frakes Wedding-21

Frakes Wedding-26

Frakes Wedding-31

Frakes Wedding-46

Frakes Wedding-51

Frakes Wedding-66

Frakes Wedding-67

Frakes Wedding-73

Frakes Wedding-79

Frakes Wedding-99

Frakes Wedding-103

Frakes Wedding-106

Frakes Wedding-109

Frakes Wedding-111

Frakes Wedding-115

Frakes Wedding-118

Frakes Wedding-125

Frakes Wedding-133

Frakes Wedding-138

Frakes Wedding-139

Frakes Wedding-143

Frakes Wedding-147

Frakes Wedding-163

Frakes Wedding-181

Frakes Wedding-187

Frakes Wedding-190

Frakes Wedding-191

Frakes Wedding-212

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